Wednesday, November 14, 2012

To Pop This Pill or Not?

Headaches are THE WORST! Whenever I feel something bad, I always have this need to take a pill just to stop it and go on with my life. One of my officemates would even take a leave when her migraine occurs. So as I "googled" the best pill to take, I happened to see the Saridon commercial above. I thought it was real funny, yet very violent, especially for children. But if that ad could amuse, and invite me to try their product, then I could be one of its "markets". 
Apparently, Ms. Janette Toral's article on Drug Safety had me on a complete halt from popping this pill. Based from, the ingredients of Saridon consists of 250mg Paracetamol, 150mg Propyphenazone and 50mg  Caffeine. And while I adore caffeine and its products such as coffee, I can't help but get worried about the Propyphenazone content in the drug. 
Even in its Wiki definition, Propyphenazone and even Saridon is already banned in other countries. What I could not understand is how they can get away with selling the product, without prescription necessary, amidst the fact that its causing health related problems already.
My Mom, who is a nurse, refers to MIMS if she needs a certain drug. According to its page, Propyphenazone's drug reaction includes hypersensitivity reactions; nephrotoxicity, nausea, drowsiness, coma and convulsions on large doses. Would you want to have your headache gone, only to be replaced with these side effects? I know I don't!
I hope the the Department of Health and its manufacturer, Bayer would regulate drugs like Saridon. Or even answer as to why its cheaper and easily bought in spite of its side effects. After all, we would want to lessen the pain, instead of triggering another one that would blow up to our face so easily.

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