Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is Saridon Safe for Intake?

Last night as I was scanning my FB wall with my me time and an article about a drug for headache caught my attention. I was curious because the brand name is now commercially available in the market and has a catchy commercial on national TV. The article came from of  Ms. Janette Toral questioning if Saridon is safe for intake. Saridon has a 150 mg of Propyphenazone ingredient in it and claims that it will take away headache in just 15 minutes.

Ms. Toral is worried about this ingredient because it was already banned outside of the country and why it passed the BFAD and DOH approval. When we know it was banned for sure that it was lethal and it’s not good for our health, so how come this drug is available in our country (Philippines) and as affordable as the generic one? Can we take a risk to know that our fellows, our families and our friends might purchase the said drug and risk their health?

I know I’m not an expert about this matter but what’s important to me is the safety and health of my family. But Saridon’s formula contained phenacetin known to be carcinogenic or can cause cancer with prolong used. And Propyphenazone has a component of this, an NSAID or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like aspirin that if taken excessively can cause bleeding. And if you watch CSI series in Las Vegas you can encountered there that a suspect use this drug to slowly killed her husband, so I say that Saridon is really fatal.

Saridon commercial

Saridon's catchy commercial on National TV

And if I were you I’ll stay away with this drug and stick to what we already use like paracetamol, ibuprofen or mefenamic acid though any drug has a side effect at least these drug has a lesser negative review unlike Saridon that’s becoming to be a legal killer sitting on the shelves of pharmacy stores.

I hoped that BFAD and DOH will issue a statement regarding the safety of Saridon as a painkiller or (I say life killer), and also to Bayer who manufactured such drugs that risks health over their damn business.

Check out the link below for more info about Saridon :


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